The Dollars and Dreams program will initiate distribution of the DREAMHAUS ARTKIT in South Central Los Angeles.


  • Engage a new demographic of young Adult and older youth into philanthropy and non-profit work through the language of art & design translated into product 
  • Generate a creative " flow + cycle"  that allows contributors to feel directly included in their impact : providing students the adequate tools to nurture creative thinking, problem solving, and entrepreneurship. 

The DREAMHAUS ARTKIT takes form as a project-based process book. It is a seasonal activity that young scholars universally identify with by what DREAMHAUS defines as a chance operation. A chance operation is an unexpected trial that occurs throughout the unique and varied journeys in a person’s life. Knowing that certain youths face certain natural challenges, DREAMHAUS aims to encourage these young scholars to make key choices that influence their approach to these fortunately dealt, yet unexpected trials.

Further, DREAMHAUS encourages these scholars to elevate and create something unique and beautiful. The DREAMHAUS ARTKIT educates young scholars how they must adapt to uncomfortable and unforeseen situations. The ARTKIT challenges them to improvise, out of thin air, something that they would not have conceived beforehand. The ARTKIT helps scholars at a fresh age, to embrace uncomfortable trials and transform them into beautiful and life-changing experiences.

The DREAMHAUS ARTKIT is a concrete reflection of the one foundational value of DREAMHAUS : a devotional belief of ART’s role in the life of humanity.