Nikkolos Mohammed: Co-Founder

     Nikkolos began his art career at Otis College of Art and Design. As early as his sophomore year in college, he assisted in developing a curriculum for a foundation course, Drawing and Composition with the Department Chair Barry Fahr. He was able to use his experience in volunteering at Loyola Village Elementary School and Watts Labor Community Action Committee to teach the youth of various experimental techniques and approaches to create a captivating composition. After graduation in 2013, Nikkolos began working for Los Angeles World Airports in the Arts and Exhibitions program in assisting with the organization of the Los Angeles World Airports Art program’s archive of artworks and documentation of exhibitions. Currently, he is working as the lab technician for the printmaking lab at Otis College of Art and Design and continuing to build the DREAMHAUS organization. He also creates works that are commissioned by various clients and has displayed pieces in well-known galleries.

Mike Reesé: Co-Founder

     Mike Reesé (pronounced Ree-say) grew up in the highly diverse Mid-City neighborhood of Los Angeles. He began art-making at age 14, customizing shoes and accessories for classmates. In 2009, Reesé attended Otis College of Art & Design to study Communication Arts. At Otis, he received experience in commercial advertising with Five33 and concurrently served as Head Designer/ Assistant Art Director for a subsidiary sunglasses & watch company of Joyrich LA. After attending Otis College, Reesé pursued fine art as a professional practice and expanded his communication arts experience into additional art direction projects. Since, Reesé has both participated and donated works to charitable auctions sponsored by Sotheby’s + Merrill Lynch for Teen Cancer America, the Perry J. Cohen Foundation for Art Miami, served as Assistant Art Director for Tommy Hilfiger’s 2017 NYFW Show in Venice Beach, California; TommyLand, and collaborated with companies such as Stance Socks to democratize & spread his artwork.

     Currently, Mike Reesé lives and works in LA. He is the Art Director for various musicians the and operates the DREAMHAUS organization.