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West Adams Block Party

Sam DananComment
West Adams Block Party

Dreamhaus Over Whitehouse - A Mantra

Dreamhaus Over Whitehouse - An Idea

Dreamhaus Over Whitehouse - A Goal

Dreamhaus Over Whitehouse - An ACTION

Over the years, Dreamhaus has continuously worked on a particular visual language and realizing how that language is presented to others. We are hyper-aware of the state of our country and how we are all effected by opposing decisions, daily challenges and unfairness that push all of us to our limits. At Dreamhaus though, we do not condone limits. Rather, we practice what the world would be like with endless opportunities, voices heard out loud and individuality meeting creativity.


On Sunday, September 3rd, we were humbled with the opportunity to create a Dreamhaus experience at the West Adams Block Party, hosted by Delicious Pizza. At our pop-up, we gave children, parents, everyone who came by, the opportunity to design and color their own large political pins inspired by presidential campaigning buttons first used in 1896.

Our team initially imagined and created various designs that spoke to our interpretation of freedom and representation using familiar cultural images and icons. We enjoyed the immediate satisfaction of our visitors to choose a design, color, get it pressed in front of their eyes, pin it onto their clothing and wear proudly for their Presidential Portraits to be taken.

It was both humbling and interesting for us to watch our fellow dreamers light up while they took the moment out of their time at the block party to sit down and color with us. Their engagement with the images allowed them to decide how and what to represent on a 3” circular canvas that allowed them to show how THEY represent THEIR America. The visual language of Dreamhaus is best shown in an activation like this. We ignite the flame, provide the tools and the rest is inspired by those around us.

Being a part of the West Adams Block Party was an amazing experience and we are so proud to be a part of a community of people who see a need for this to happen in the neighborhood and execute it. Dreamhaus was happy to be able to help create a custom souvenir for people to remind them of a moment when they took the time to contribute to our voices by coloring. Coloring is making, making is doing, doing is ACTION.

Dreamhaus Over Whitehouse - An Experience