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FS #01 - AM I A TV?

Roy Rollin1 Comment
FS #01 - AM I A TV?

Roy Rollin Presents...

Found Sound is a sonic series that takes vintage songs hitherto unknown to the producer, and contemporary personal recordings from his iPhone - in an attempt to engage conversation between the seemingly disparate sources.

Sam tells friends a psychedelic story:

He lays them on the Persian rug
I’m gonna sell these
No, no, no, no.
Do you guys want one?
Just sell ‘em!
The rug is a gallery
I asked Kuda*, Am I A TV?
That’s when I realized
Do you have anything to say?
Talk about Psychedelia
And then I’ll talk about Psychedelia

Mushrooms & Neon
Vintage Like 70s *
From the smoke shop, Current


* Kuda is the name of Kyle’s dog.

** Male voice is that of Mike Reesé.

music sampled in FS#01: The Three Degrees - Starlight

Roy Rollin appears courtesy of DREAMHAUS Records